Bertie who?

Update 9 June 2019

This is probably Bertie (Bertram) Lestage, not his father.


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I will try to make this simple.

Bertie Lestage was another child of Phoebe Alexandre and Michel Charles Lestage. This is who I think is a picture of Michel Charles Lestage.

This cabinet card was scanned by Robin in 2011. It was part of more than 100 old pictures she had scanned for me. It’s Robin’s husband who is related to the Combe, the Bleau and the Alexandre family. Most of the 100 old pictures were identified except this one.

I find a ressemblance with the photo of Lucille Lestage you saw in the previous post.

Lucille Lestage

The Lestage family once lived in the New York City area so it makes sense this could be a photo of Michel Charles Lestage.

So this bring us to Bertie who was a female in the 1920 US census but a male in all the other censuses… 1900, 1910, 1915… I never got around to know if Bertie was a he or a she until last week when I got a call for help from Mary who got a DNA match with someone looking for her roots.