February at last!

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Enough to scare people away…

There was some nasty weather lately down south of the border wasn’t?


We are used to it up north in Québec where your ancestors once lived. It’s no wonder 900,000 French-Canadians emigrated to the US in the 1800s and early in the 1900s. It wasn’t because of the weather though, but more about poor living conditions that prevailed here.

History is still repeating itself all over the world with millions and millions of refugees struggling to find a better place to live.

Many books were written about your French-Canadians ancestors. You probably don’t have the faintess idea that they were French-Canadians though because of all the various spelling of French-Canadian names. Reuniting lost ancestors with their unsuspected descendants in the United States where my grandfather once lived from 1889 to 1907 is what Our Ancestors is all about since 2009.

I have tried to stop writing, but I have stopped trying.

My grandfather’s father is Dennis Lagasse seen here with his brother Peter on the right.

Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagasse

I could have written about people who have contacted me since January, but I kept my promise not to write before Groundhog Day. The person who had shared the above picture contacted me again. I had no contact since 2015. Someone else also contacted me. He is a descendant of my grandaunt Lillie. He contacted me through 23andMe and he seemed interested about learning more.

It took me 10 years to finally identify Lillie and her husband Eugène Dubé on an old picture that was shared by someone who stopped contacting me.

Win some, lose some….

I knew everything about Lillie in 2010 when I migrated my database from My Heritage to Ancestry.

Lillie's file

I found so much more since…

file of Lillie Lagasse

But I had no pictures of Lillie who I am 99.999% sure she is here on this montage.

montage Lillie Lagasse

As a footnote, the little boy on this picture could be the grandfather of the person who contacted me last month.

mystery family

15 thoughts on “February at last!

  1. I’ve always suspected my father-in-law’s family originated in Quebec. He grew up outside Watertown, NY and his middle name has the French spelling Jean rather than Gene.

  2. Well as you know I am sure that I and my wife have family from Quebec. Some we know a lot about some we are still working on, but that is the fun of family history.

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