Peter and Dennis

This old picture was shared by Sandy a third cousin back in 2010.

Two men were sitting on a bench. She knew Peter was on the left since Peter was her great-great-grandfather, but she had no idea who was the other man. I knew who he was… and we started sharing information about Peter and Dennis.

Peter and Dennis were two brothers sitting on a park bench. I don’t know when and where this picture was taken, but I know Peter was on the left and my great-grandfather Dennis was on the right.

Peter Lagasse was in fact Pierre Lagacé and he was my great-granduncle. I believe my grandfather Léo, who was also my godfather, had chosen my given name in 1948 in honor of his uncle Pierre.

Pierre Lagacé or Peter Lagasse was the son of Stanislas Lagacé and Onésime Cadieux. Pierre Lagacé married Mathilde Leblanc who died of cholera in 1883. His brother’s real name was Stanislas like his father. Peter emigrated to Vermont and went back to Quebec, and Stanislas emigrated to Vermont, came back to Quebec then went to live in Connecticut in 1889. Stanislas changed his name to Dennis Lagasse. He named one of his sons after his father. This Dennis is on the left, his father in the middle, and on the right is I think Napoléon Dubé.

When I started searching for my ancestors back in 2007 I had so much help that I felt it was important to share my research with others through Our Ancestors. I have learned that when you help people, people will help you, and the more you help people the more they will help you.

All my research is available on the Internet for anyone looking for his or her ancestors, and I always lend a helping hand when people hit a brick wall.

In Peter Lagasse’s case I had found almost everything about his descendants except the day he had died. You can click on the link below.

Peter Lagasse – LifeStory

I had my answer yesterday morning when I opened my inbox.

My great-granduncle Pierre died March 17th, 1926 in Farnham, Quebec, and was buried in Burlington, Vermont.

This was not the only newspaper clipping I had in my inbox. I had so much newspaper clippings that I will have to share them eventually in 2019.