Epilogue – Cleft chins

Cleft chins are the only proof we have for now since we can’t find a marriage license with the names of Wilfred Nevue’s parents. That is the only proof to link little Wilfred Nevue’s father to Malvina Neveu, and to another Wilfred born in 1902 whose name was Wilfred Joseph Nevin.

Wilfred J. Nevin  – Malvina Neveu – Wilfred Nevue 

Nevin, Neveu, Nevue…


In October 1886, a man named Wilfred Nevue abandoned his wife and his 6 months-old son also named Wilfred. Where Wilfred’s father went no one knew at the time. 

Wilfred Nevue’s name just reappeared in December 2018 on a marriage license, but that marriage license was not the one Michel and I were looking for.


On September 5th, 1899, Wilfred Neveu (sic), a widower, married Marilda Thibodeau who had divorced Gervais Thibodeau. Why Marilda Guay divorced her husband we will probably never know unless a descendant find this blog and write a comment.

We have yet to find the marriage certificate for a shotgun wedding which occurred either late 1885 or early 1886 in Champion, Marquette, Michigan where Celina Delongchamp lived with her parents Jean Louis Delongchamp and Celina Blair (Blais). 

When this photo was taken, Celina Delongchamp was already pregnant and a son would be born on April 22nd, 1886. Suffering from depressive manic psychosis, Celina would enter a hospital in 1892 and would die on July 2nd, 1896.

Little Wilfred was adopted by her grandmother Celina Blair (Blais) who raised him as her own son.

Life was not easy for little Wilfred…

Sometimes the only thing we have to link people with is a family resemblance.

Wilfred J. Nevin  – Malvina Neveu – Wilfred Nevue 

After two weeks, I had decided to stop searching for Wilfred and Celina’s marriage license. Michel Lauzon decided instead to soldier on, and the next day found that there was a Wilfrid Neveu who  had once lived in Chatham in Argenteuil country in the province of Quebec. I decided to look for more clues in censuses and in parish registers.

This is what we found: a baptism act in St-Philippe’s parish registers.

baptism Wilfrid Neveu

Wilfrid Neveu was born on June 17, 1866, but baptized on June 22. This meant that he could have been Wilfred Nevue who was about 19 or 20 years-old when he married Celina Delongchamp around 1886.

According to the baptism certificate Wilfrid’s parents were Louis Neveu and Marie-Louise Cholet dit Laviolette. With that information I was able to find all their children with Michel’s help. Louis Neveu and Marie-Louise Cholet dit Laviolette had these children: 

Domitilde Neveu 1845–1846
Louis Neveu 1847–1926
Mathilde Neveu 1851–1855
Louise Neveu 1853–1855
Jérémie Neveu 1855–1932
Léocadie Neveu 1857–1926
Malvina Neveu 1859–1909
Eldridge Nevin 1862–1943
Wilfred Nevue 1866–1905

Looking for more information on Malvina Neveu I found this image on Ancestry…

I compared it with Wilfred Nevue…

They looked like a brother and a sister to me, and to all the people who gave their opinion. 

But I wanted more proof.

So I started looking for Wilfred Nevue in Butte, Montana after his marriage with Marilda Guay in 1899. There, in Butte, Dora Nevin was born in 1900, but died on September 18, 1902 from pnemonia. A son was born on February 27, 1902. That son’s name, you have guessed it, was Wilfred!

Next Michel found a photo. Wilfred Joseph Nevin was seen with his step-daughter Betty (Elizabeth Reynolds) and his daughter Joan and his son Bruce in the back .

That was the proof I needed.

I was all smiles!


14 thoughts on “Epilogue – Cleft chins

  1. Hi Pierre, Do not know if you have access to http://www.newspapers.com, however I searched the website for Wilfred Nevin in Montana and found several articles. There was a Wilfred Nevin that died in 1902. Then there was marriage announcement on 7/6/1920 of a Wilfred Nevin who married a Muriel Hare both minors. Apparently he left shortly afterwards and several articles she wanting alimony for her and their child. A divorce was granted 1/1924. Also obituary for Mrs. M. (Thibedeau) Nevin and her son E J Thibedeau. Obituary for Elder Nevin. If anyone wants these articles and don’t have access to the website, I will gladly sent them.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

    • I would like to have the newspaper articles.
      This Wilfred married to Muriel Hare… he’s Wilfred Nevue’s son from his marriage with Marilda Guay Thibodeau.

    • Susan, this is Susan Branting, the granddaughter of Wilfred Nevue (of Michigan). I would love to have any newspaper clippings you have. I don’t have access to that site. Thanks!

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