600 more posts before I quit?

This is post number 1400 on Our Ancestors.

Hard to believe someone would write that much about genealogy since 2009. Even harder when you think there is Nos ancêtres, a French version of Our AncestorsWould you believe there are two Nos ancêtres?

I had to create a newer version of Nos ancêtres when I could not add more images on the first one. Don’t worry I still have room here to had new images, and I already have an Our Ancestors II waiting as a back up plan when my free 3 gigabyte allowance is full on WordPress.

This is another montage I made with a picture of Wilfred Nevin, son of Wilfred Nevue and Marilda Guay Thibodeau. Michel Lauzon sent it to me yesterday, and asked me what I thought.


I don’t think we need any DNA testing…