Where did Wilfred go after he left in October 1886?

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I have a theory on where he left since I know Wilfred Nevue (1866-1905) married Marilda Guay Thibodeau on September 5th, 1899 in Butte, Montana.


Wilfred Nevue’s brother Eldridge Nevin was already living there with his wife Emma Guay who was Marilda’s sister.
Marilda’s death certficate shows her name as Merida Nevin.

death certificate

Merida died on December 10, 1940 and she is buried in Saint Patricks Cemetery in Butte, Montana.


Her sister Emma and brother-in-law Eldridge Nevin are also buried there as well as Marilda’s daughter Dora. Many Nevins are buried in Saint Patricks Cemetery, but not Wilfred Nevue unless he has no headstone.
Wilfred died of tuberculosis in 1905 under the name of Winnifred Nevan or Nevun. I wonder who gave this information to the clerk who seemed in a hurry to fill the death certificate.

death certificate Wilfred Nevue 9 July 1905

Wilfred Nevue or Nevin had a son with Marilda Guay whose name was also Wilfred. This Wilfred Nevin (1902-1983) married three times. First he married Muriel Hare, then Evelyn Johns. His third marriage was with Helen Pechavar, and they had a son Bruce and a daughter Lois Jane.
Lois died in 2000. According to her obituary, Lois Jane Nevin was born August 17, 1933, in Anaconda, Montana. She married David Vincent on October 21, 1951. David and Lois Jane had several children.
This morning Michel Lauzon found a message left in 2003 by another descendant of Wilfred Nevin. Michael Dennis Nevin is a descendant of Muriel Hare and Wilfred and wants to learn about his ancestors. You can read what he left on Ancestry’s message boards.

My great-grandfather’s name was Wilfred or Wilford. My grandfather’s name was Alfred Nevin. Wilfred and Muriel Hare were the parents of Alfred. Alfred lived and raised a family in Butte, until the late 1960s. He never reconciled with his father, Wilfred. I am looking for anyone related to Wilfred Nevin, so I can trace my ancestry and make connections with long-lost relatives.

Any information would be helpful, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly. I have what I think is Wilfred’s application for a social security card. He was employed by Gar Thomas at 1645 Harrison Ave.

The application states his full name as Wilfred Joseph Nevin, born February 27, 1902, to Wilfred Nevin and Merida Guay (or Gray). The application was signed in 1936.

Thanks for your response.

Michael Dennis Nevin

I wrote Michael a message to share Michel’s research as well as mine…

Alfred Eugene Nevin birth certificate

marriage Alfred Eugene Nevin (2)