Malvina Neveu

I am still trying to find hard proof if Michel and I have found the right Wilfred Nevue. Sometimes the proof is the pudding.

This is a picture of Wilfrid Neveu’s sister. Malvina Neveu married Napoleon Raymond. They both lived in Republic, Michigan in 1880.

Do you see any resemblance with Wilfred Nevue on his wedding picture?

Malvina and Wilfred

No poll. Just write a comment and make my day.

12 thoughts on “Malvina Neveu

  1. Pierre..Ce qui attire mon attention chez Wilfred, c’est sa fossette sur le menton. Malvina semble aussi avoir une fossette sur le menton. Je suppose que c’est comme héréditaire chez cette famille.

    What attracts my attention in Wilfred is his cleft on his chin. Malvina also seems to have a cleft on her chin. I suppose it’s a hereditary feature in this family.

  2. The faces seem similar from the nose down. Cleft chin, similar jaw line and similar cheek lines from the nose to the side of the mouth.

  3. I agree — definite resemblance. The cleft chin is particularly interesting, because no one else in my family has a cleft chin of any kind. Or for that matter, his nose hasn’t been passed down either. A real enigma!

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