10 thoughts on “Case closed – 9 July 1905 – Butte, Montana

  1. Good morning! I just stumbled upon your info and my jaw dropped. Célestine Sauvé married Zotique Neveu in Lefaivre Ontario on 1895-02-11.He was the son of Louis Neveu and Euchariste Leblanc. Louis died on 1926-05-01 whereas Euchariste passed away on 1933-02-23; both are buried in the St-Victor (catholic) cemetery in Alfred, plot Q5. Célestine was my great-grandfather’s sister. Zotique Neveu passed away on 1927-11-20 in a hospital in Montréal and was buried in Alfred two days later. Célestine died on 1937-08-29. Both their remains were buried in the Alfred cemetery. plot K7. Célestine was a very devout catholic to the point of building a grotto dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The grotto is currently in poor repair, but still stands on Ritchance Road.

  2. I don’t think these Neveus are related Lucie, but I will check on it since I have written this almost two years ago.

  3. Louis Neveu1847–1926

    BIRTH 8 APR 1847 • Ste-Scholastique, Deux-Montagnes, Québec, Canada
    DEATH 1 FEB 1926 • Montréal


    Louis Neveu 1821–1904

    Marie-Louise Cholette dit Laviolette 1824–1878


    Domitilde Neveu 1845–1846

    Mathilde Neveu 1851–1855

    Louise Neveu 1853–1855

    Jérémie Neveu 1855–1932

    Léocadie Neveu 1857–1926

    Malvina Neveu 1859–1909

    Eldridge Nevin 1862–1943

    Wilfred Nevue 1866–1905

    Spouse & Children

    Euchariste Leblanc 1850–1933

    Marie Neveu 1870–

    Zotique Neveu 1872–

    Marie-Louise Neveu 1874–

    Emma Neveu 1876–

    Joseph Neveu 1878–

      • Dominique Neveu married Olivine Dubeau daughter of Dominique Dubeau and Marie-Louise Sauvé on September 26, 1927 at St-Bernardin church in St-Bernardin, Prescott, Ontario.

  4. 1894-12-01: Euchariste’s dad, François, was buried in Alfred. At the funeral, Louis Neveu and Charles Labelle were named as witnesses in the parish’s register.
    I checked and the only Sauvé ancestor we share is Pierre, the first Sauvé to arrive in Canada. So we are very, very distant cousins.
    Do you have the birth certificates for Louis’ children? I have most of them, but not Wildred’s nor Eldridge’s, although I have an idea as to how I may access them, if they were born in Quebec. I could share all of it once I have put them in chronological order. I must say that I usually do so by email. I put the info including the records in a Word doc, which I then save as a PDF file so it is not so heavy. Let me know if you are interested.
    Do you still speak French?

    • Cette histoire de la famille Neveu est quand même fascinante. Elle m’a permis de retracer des descendants vivant aux États-Unis.

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