Wilfred Neveu (Nevue) 1866 – ?

Little Wilfred Nevue’s father Wilfred Neveu was born on June 17, 1866 in Chatham, Quebec.

baptism Wilfrid Neveu

His father was Louis Neveu and his mother was Marie-Louise Cholet dit Laviolette.

Yesterday Michel Lauzon finally found little Wilfred’s father who abandoned his wife Celina Delongchamp and his newborn son in October 1886. Michel spent the whole day yesterday searching for him even if I had closed the Neveu dossier.

Three of Wilfred Neveu’s siblings were living in Republic, Michigan in 1880. His brothers Louis and Jeremiah, and his sister Leocadie. Louis Neveu was married to Euchariste White (Leblanc), Jeremiah Neveu as married to Marie Élise Chenay, and Leocadie was married to Charles Labelle.

I can’t find Wilfred Neveu in any censuses either in 1880 in the US or 1881 in Canada, but he must have been in Michigan in and around 1885 when he met Celina and got her pregnant. A shotgun wedding would be held later…

In October 1886, Wilfred most probably left his wife and son for Butte, Montana, to join his other brother Aldridge Nevin. Aldridge was married to Emma Guay. In 1899 Wilfred Neveu would marry Marilda Guay who was Emma’s sister.

Daughter of Edward Guay and Caroline Fecteau, Marilda was divorced from Jarvis (Gervais) Thibodeau. She had two children with Wilfred Neveu: Dora who died in 1902 and Wilford who was born in 1902.
Wilfred Neveu seems to be still alive in 1910, but he is not listed in the 1910 US census.

Marilda is a widow in 1920 living with her daughter Mary Thibodeau White (from Marilda’s previous marriage) and two of Mary White’s children.

Marilda died on December 10, 1940. She is buried in the same cemetery as her daughter Dora (1900 – 1902).

Now the only information missing is when did Wilfred Neveu die?
Someone had this on Find A Grave.

To be continued…