Reflecting on Our Ancestors

As the New Year is just around the corner, the time is right to reflect on Our Ancestors.

What drives us to find our roots is probably written in our genes. This obsession to find where we come from is all too apparent with bloggers who write about genealogy. The list of bloggers is endless…

The list of your ancestors I have found since 2009 is also endless because each time someone had asked me for my help I just couldn’t resist looking for them.

Sometimes though I will reach a dead end like Wilfred Nevue…

But I still soldier on…

I know there is some force out there which is guiding us.

Michel Lauzon and I have tried very hard to find little Wilfred Nevue’s ancestors. We each have our own theory about the groom’s ancestors. Michel thinks the groom Wilfred Nevue is not Wilfrid Neveu born in Ste-Sophie in 1856 because Wilfrid Neveu is nowhere to be found after the 1861 Canadian census, and that he died at a young age.

My theory is that Wilfrid left his family when he was in his teens, and that he emigrated to Michigan. There he met Celina Delongchamp, got her pregnant, had a shotgun wedding, and after 6 months left his wife and his newborn son.

Little Wilfred became an orphan in 1896 when his mother Celina Delongchamp died. His maternal grandmother Celina Blair and her brother-in-law Maxime Delongchamp, whom she married when her husband died in 1883, adopted him. In a sense Little Wilfred was very lucky to find a loving adopted family, to be able to raise his own, and to have a descendant who still remembers him.