The Hubou and the Neveu Dossiers – Part One

This is how the two dossiers started. A wedding photo of Wilfred Nevue and Celina Delongchamp.

Hercule Poirot

I will need some help with this mes amis.

Could the groom be the son of Maxime Neveu seen here with his wife Scholastique Lauzon, and their daughter Léocadie with her husband and their children?


Maxime Neveu and Scholastique Lauzon are posing for posterity with their daughter Léocadie and her husband Joseph Girard. I have made this montage for their children.

Neveu family

What help does our famous detective wants? He wants to know how old is the groom before proceeding further with the case.

Wilfred Nevue

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