About Thanksgiving

I am sure many people think of their ancestors when it’s Thanksgiving Day. I know I do when it’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada on the second Monday of October. I have gotten a lot of thanks from readers since 2009 when I started Our Ancestors. I also thanked many people who have shared old pictures of their ancestors even if sometimes they did not know who they were.
Lucille Lestage’s mother was one of them.

Lucille Lestage

Lucille Lestage back

Lucille was 16 years-old on September 1st, 1925. She had sent her photo to her Aunty and Uncle Bleau.


I knew Lucille was the daughter of Flavie Alexandre and Charles Lestage, but that was all I knew. I had found everything about Flavie Alexandre whose photo was shared by a third cousin in 2010. At that time she did not know who these young ladies were and even thought of throwing their pictures away as well as other old pictures she had.

Phoebe Alexandre and Myra Alexandre - sisters

Then someone shared more than 100 photos. Most were about the Comes, the Bleaus, and the Alexanders, but there was this one with a caption on top. Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Myra

It was the photo of Flavie (Phoebe) and her sister Myra Alexander (Alexandre). This is how I was able to find everything about Myra’s descendants, but little about Flavie and her daughter Lucille.

about-late-1890s-bristol-conn - Phoebe Alexandre

Flavie Alexandre

Phoebe Alexandre

Flavie Alexandre

Undetered, I left no stones unturned. Later I found Flavie’s birth record, but I did not know when she had died until this Thanksgiving Day: she died on June 1st, 1922.

File Flavie Alexandre

The day before Thanksgiving I had just learned what had happened to Lucille.

File Lucille Lestage

Lucille died in 1943, and there were no descendants to write me about for her.