My cousin Dennis had shared some negatives last April from his father’s collection, and I had made positives out of them.

He had this one. Four lovely young women in winter in the late 1910s or early 1920s.

I think Bertha Lagasse was on it. She is in the back row on the left. I guess she was not yet married. On the right I believe is one of Malvina’s daughters. The young lady looks like her mother.

She also looks like someone else on this picture. She is in front of Napoleon Levi Lagasse. If this is Blandine in front with Lucille, then this photo can be dated and it was taken in 1930.

The young woman is either the same young woman or her sister. She is again seen here. Joseph Dewey is there with Blandine Lamothe in front.

I like to work with montages.

My grandaunt Malvina had 5 children, one boy and four daughters: Joseph Dewey (1898), Irene (1899), Alice (1901), Beatrice (1903), and Marie-Louise (1906). I had found them in the 1910 US census living with their mother and my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II.

In the 1930 US census, Irene, 30 years-old was still living with her mother Malvina. Irene was painting dials at the clock factory, and she is still unmarried. The census was done in April. Malvina would have just 8 months to live. She would die on December 20 which was on Irene’s 31st birthday.

When we look closely at the census page we see lots of information about the people and who were the neighbors. Joseph Dewey Dubé was there with Blandine and Lucille. Amanda Ménard was there with his son Levi and three lodgers. Below on the page was Malvina and Irene and the neighbors are Joseph Englert and Marie-Louise Dubé, Malvina’s youngest daughter.

My hypothesis is that Irene Dubé is on this photo with Bertha.

Irene would later marry John J Blanchette. I have not found when they were married or any of their children yet. Maybe Susan will have something to ask Lucille when she meets her next week.