Back to square one?

Back to square one with this photo I have written about a dozen times? 

Back to square one?

Well not quite. Four out of five is quite good. I even got the make of the car right.

I am more a World War II airplane expert than an expert on 1917 Ford Model T.

I am still wondering if Hector Lamothe seen here was the car owner. I know for sure we are in Connecticut in 1917. Hector Philias Lamothe emigrated with his parents and the whole family in 1915 from St-Guillaume d’Upton.

Old photos are addictive. Just see people’s reactions when they see some old photos and then try to figure out who’s who. Kind of funny sometimes with everyone’s theory.

I have been addicted to old pictures since 2007. I have thousands of them, several hundreds still waiting to tell their stories. I just want to know the story behind each photo like this one where a car is seen stuck in the mud.

Or what is the story behind this picture of a Ford Trimotor.

Old photos are like time machines but people won’t talk back. You have to make them talk. So what about this old photo?

I can’t ask these people who they are, and what they were doing in 1917… Right?

I am not 100% sure anymore if Rose Elmira Lagasse is really behind the wheel. It could well be her mother Amanda Ménard instead. I am 100% sure Bertha Lagasse is on the right rear fender, and since last week I am almost 100% sure my grandaunt Lillie is in front with her sister Malvina behind her.

But then who is behind the woman behind the wheel whom I thought all along was Malvina Lagasse? She is again seen here laughing at the “real” Malvina holding up her head in dispair while her brother Dennis is trying to tell her how to start the car.

Who could she be? She has to be a family member since she had been invited to Bertha’s wedding on November 16, 1921.

My only wild guess is that she might be my grandaunt Marguerite Lagasse, born in 1868, Malvina and Lillie’s sister. The only problem with that theory is that she was not living in Connecticut, but in St-Hyacinthe in the province of Quebec.

Maybe she hitched a ride to see her siblings…?

One clue is what my aunt Fleurette Lagacé once told me. She had seen Marguerite once as a child in the 1930s, and she said that Marguerite was a heavy-built woman.

So what options do I have? Is she or is she not Marguerite Lagasse who married Philippe Lord, and whose son Aldéi Lord sent an ashtray to his cousin Levi Napoleon Lagasse?

Next time, Susan will tell me more about her grandmother Blandine Lamothe and her daughter Lucille Dubé.