Don’t get me wrong…

I know you might get confused with my attempts to identify who were people on old photos shared by second and third cousins.


I know what I am doing on Our Ancestors. I had so many familiar faces on old photos, but they were without names.

Last week I finally found who they were. Well most of them.

I would not have been able to identify my grandaunt Malvina seen above, next to Anna Campbell, nor this young married couple below without Susan’s help. This lovely wedding picture opened the floodgates.

Genealogy is not a science even if you use hypotheses to figure out who’s who on old pictures. I have been proven wrong so many times when I was trying to identify your ancestors like all these people back in 2011.

Levi Napoleon and Ida Lagasse were no brainers, but others were unknown in 2011. I like the challenge and I will often stick my neck out. I also like to be challenged by my readers like Teresa Pease who had helped me with Bertha and her enigmatic Mona Lisa smile sitting on a Ford Model T right rear fender.

Move Over Girl on the Left

Case in point…?
Odna Lagasse, whom I first thought was Ida, is seen here with her husband Frank Ritchie.
Is this Odna with her first daughter Helena Ritchie?

Or is she Blandine Lamothe with her baby daughter? If she is Blandine, then who is the baby girl? Is she Lucille Dubé born in May 1929, Lillian Dubé born in October 1930, or Alice Dubé born in September 1935?

I would go out on a limb and say it is baby Lucille, that her father Joseph took the picture in the summer of 1930, and Blandine is soon expecting Lillian.

Still confused?

If you are, feel free to write a comment in the comment section. I always answer back.