My new found second cousin Susan

I have found many new cousins since 2007 when I started looking for my ancestors. So many in fact that my search for my ancestors became a search for my cousins’ ancestors. Almost 12 years later, I have now close to 50,000 files on their ancestors and thousands of old pictures they have shared.

Everything is free!

I am not collecting your ancestors’ photos like the baseball cards and the football cards I used to collect in the 50s. Every picture you send is precious because there is so much history behind each one.

My first cousin once removed Joseph Dewey Dubé is on this photo with a small cat. When my second cousin once removed Dennis Lagasse shared more than 100 photos in 2011, I had no idea who this young man was. He was appearing in several more photos like this one. I knew he was not a Lagasse.

We see the two little girls who were also on this photo.

The older one could be Helena Ritchie and the other Jeannette Lamothe.
My second cousin Susan identified one more woman beside Malvina Lagasse. She is in the third row on the left staring at us. She is the “real” Delia Taillon. She was not the woman I first thought she was on this photo.


Honest mistake…

The first young woman could be Estelle Yvette Lamothe. Next was not Delia Taillon but Claire Lamothe, Hector and Alphonse Lamothe’s sister. Next is Claire’s sister-in-law Ida Lagasse, and finally Blandine Lamothe who I always thought in 2012 was Odna Lagasse.

Susan sent me this family picture two days ago. Delia Taillon is with her nine children:

Blandine Lamothe and Delia Taillon

Xavier 1892–1954
Alphonse 1895–1963
Hector Philias 1897–1967
Claire 1898–1990
Blandine 1900–1972
Ernest 1901–1947
Edward 1906–1979
Estelle Yvette 1907–1984
Theogene 1909–1972

She had another son in 1894: Donat 1894–1894; and twins in 1903: Cecilia 1903–1903 and Lucien 1903–1903. Delia Taillon was born in 1867, and she died on February 4th, 1950.

Two days ago Delia Taillon was just a name on a huge family tree like Malvina Lagasse, Joseph Dubé, their son Joseph and daughter-in-law Blandine Lamothe were.

Now they are so much more than just names thanks to Susan.