Getting Distracted Along the Way

Enough to get any amateur genealogist distracted isn’t?

Such a beautiful wedding picture of Blandine Lamothe and Joseph Dewey Dubé.
Blandine Lamothe was born on July 24th, 1900. Her father was Xavier Lamothe and her mother was Delia Taillon. She married Joseph Dewey Dubé on June 15th, 1920. She died on December 13, 1972. Joseph Dewey Dubé was born on July 25th, 1898. His father was Joseph Dubé and his mother was Malvina Lagasse. He died on September 22nd, 1965. He and Blandine had three children during their marriage.
How I got this wedding photo of Blandine and Joseph is how I got the wedding picture of Joseph Dubé and Malvina Lagasse from my new second cousin I first contacted on Find A Grave.

In 2008, with my research for my ancestors still in its infancy, I knew all about the existence of my grandaunt Malvina. In 1910, according to the US census, she was taking care of my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II after he became a widower.

Dennis Lagasse II

I would later find out that my great-grandmother Henriette had died on September 18, 1907. Taking care of my great-grandfather, Malvina became somewhat special. I knew Malvina had died in 1930, but that was all I knew.headstone Malvina

Courtesy C. Greer

Malvina had been a widow herself, but I did not know when she had became one. I got this information last week from my new second cousin. Her busband Joseph Dubé passed away on July 12th, 1907, two months before Henriette, Malvina Lagasse’s mother.
Malvina never remarried I think, and she raised alone her four daughters and her son Joseph Dewey. Malvina Lagasse is seen here on this photo taken around 1920.

Malvina is in first row second on the right or in the first row fourth from the left. She is quietly smiling at us…
The two little girls are not her children. Malvina’s last child was Marie-Louise Dubé born on February 17th, 1906. These kids appear to be around 3 or 4 years-old. I wish I could identify everyone, but I guess this will have to wait until 2025.
Malvina is also seen on this photo holding up her head. My granduncle Dennis Lagassey III is next to Malvina having a great time as well as the lady passenger

I always thought the lady passenger on that old photo was Malvina or for that matter behind the driver’s seat on this photo.

Move Over

As usual I was wrong again…
My new found second cousin led me to the real Malvina Lagasse on her wedding day.Joseph Dubé and Malvina Lagasse

And without knowing it she opened the floodgates.Screenshot_20181111-193207.jpg

Blandine Lamothe (1900-1972)


Joseph Dewey Dubé (1898-1965)