Thomas Welburn (1877-1954)

So much to remember in November.

Thomas Welburn was an immigrant from England. Why he emigrated to Canada I don’t know, but I will try to find out. He was born in Kirkbymoorside, in Ryedale District, in North Yorkshire, in England on Halloween Day October 31st, 1877. I have to validate his birth date, but that’s not on my to-do list for now as well as finding out why he came to Canada.

This photo was taken in 1912 in Namur, Quebec.

Thomas Welburn and Nellie Leggett’s family
Courtesy Liza Gervais

Having every little bit of information on an ancestor is not that important. But having a photo is.

This was such an amazing photo that I had to know more about it. Thomas Welburn and Nellie Leggett are on it with their first children. Children are always those who are helping me with dating pictures. This one was easy.

Little Catherine was born in 1906 and her story has never been told. Writing about people whose stories have never been told is why I have been writing so much although I will have to stop one day.

This is Catherine Welburn’s file on my Ancestry family tree even if she is not a close relative.

Catherine Welburn

Catherine Welburn is Liza Gervais’ grandmother. Liza has shared all she knew about her grandmother who married Osias Sauvé. Liza shared this 1922 photo of Catherine, Catherine’s siblings and her father Thomas Welburn.

1922_Welburn family

Thomas had lost his wife in 1921. He would go back to Ontario from Alberta, and raise his kids there. Catherine Welburn would later married Osias Sauvé, a widower.

My next series of posts will be about an immigrant from England, and his children.