History Detectives – The Lamothe Dossier

Updated 16 July 2021

Who says genealogy is boring stuff? Not me of course, nor my good friend here.

Ah oui, the famous Lamothe dossier!

You know mes amis, sometimes a little clue will go a long way…

Hercule Poirot is back from his little vacation in Hammonasset Beach, and he is helping me with this Lamothe dossier.

Hercule started first by looking at this picture with a young woman in the dark dress.
In 2015, Dennis had called her the mysterious young woman. Our famous French detective says the photo must have been taken in the late 1910s or the early 1920s. Ida and her brother Levi Napoleon were there along with I first thought was their sister Odna Lagasse.

Why were these people posing for posterity? Did Ida just got married? I have no idea, but Hercule Poirot led me to this other old picture I had since 2009.

I knew five of these people in 2010. Pepere, Levi Napoleon and her sister Ida Lagasse were on this picture taken in the fall of 1916, as well as Little Germaine Lagasse with her father Victor Philippe Lagasse. I thought back then that Amanda Ménard was right behind little Germaine. It made sense having a grandmother with her granddaughter posing for posterity.
Well I was wrong!
The woman was her aunt Rose Elmira Lagasse, Pepere oldest daughter who was the wheel.

Germaine’s “real” grandmother Amanda was behind her father Victor Philippe who was next to aunt Ida. There was a tall young man in the back who I could not identify.

Moving along with this group photo with 20 people, I believe the tall young man is Alphonse Lamothe…

Hercule’s little brain cells got working again. He was sure Hector Philias Lamothe was the young man having his arms around his brother-in-law Levi Napoleon Lagasse. This should tell every one how much Hector and Levi were close.

On Hector’s left was probably his brother Alphonse Lamothe. Hercule Poirot believes Helena Ritchie, born March 10, 1918, was in front of Alphonse. Helena was Odna Lagasse’s first child. Odna could be in the back if she is Odna of course.

This little montage will help you find her.

Hercule also noticed that the older man on the right was having his left hand on Alphonse’s shoulder. To Hercule Poirot that was an important clue.

Who could he be?

Could he be Hector and Alphonse Lamothe’s father or just someone keeping his balance? If not, then could he be a close relative, possibly their father Xavier Lamothe? If so we would now add a face to another ancestor’s name just like we did with Bertha’s name.

Bertha was also there on the left with her head tilted to the right. If William Austin is not on that photo, then that group picture was taken before his marriage with Bertha on November 16, 1921.

Ida Lagasse, Bertha’s sister, is behind her husband Hector Philias Lamothe, and their daughter Jeannette Ida Lamotte, born May 3, 1920, is probably the other little girl behind Alphonse.

All this makes sense, at least to me it does… If you are not confused, you may proceed.

20 people were on that photo. Hercule thinks he has identified two more people who could very well be Lillie Lagasse and Eugène Dubé’s children: Anna Dubé and Henry Anthony Dubé.

I know who Anna and Henry Anthony were married to, and I know who were their children.

But that’s another dossier…
Let’s get back to the Lamothe dossier. Hercule found a document on Family Search… List or Manifest of Alien Passengers Applying for Admission. Hector and Alphonse Lamothe’s parents had emigrated to Woonsocket, Rhode Island, in 1915, from Saint-Guillaume d’Upton in Quebec.
This is the proof!

Xavier Lamothe, farmer, 47, his wife Delia (Taillon), 48 and their children: Hector, 18, Alphonse, 19, Clarice, 16, Blandine, 14, Estelle, 7, Ernest, 13, Edward, 8 and Theogaine, 5…
The name Blandine Lamothe got Poirot’s brain cells acting up since I had a Blandine Lamothe in my family tree. She was married to Joseph Dubé, Malvina Lagasse’s son. It had to be the same person.

Could more Dubés and Lamothes be on this group photo?

What about Xavier Lamothe’s wife Delia Taillon? Could she be there also behind on Bertha’s left? And could Delia be also on this photo with Levi, Hector, and Ida which seems to be at her son’s Hector’s wedding?

Finally, what about the mysterious young woman in the dark dress?

Could she be Blandine Lamothe next to their mother Delia Taillon with in front her two brothers Hector and Alphonse? And the woman wrapping her arms around Ida? At first I thought it was Odna Lagasse. But now Hercule Poirot might have another theory. She could be also a Lamothe!

5 thoughts on “History Detectives – The Lamothe Dossier

  1. The last photo in this collection is Blandine LaMothe Dube (1900-1972) (my memere). In the 2nd and 3rd from the end is her sister Claire. The pictures I have seen of Deila, she is the mother of at least some of the 4th from the end picture. She was the next older generation and a bit thick, likely from birthing so many babies.

    • I found your name listed in an obituary.

      Lillian (Dube) Chapman, 71, of South St., Bristol, wife of Richard G. Chapman, died Saturday, (January 5, 2002) at Bristol Hospital after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

      Mrs. Chapman was born in Bristol, October 10, 1930 and was a daughter of the late Joseph and Blandine (LaMothe) Dube. She resided in Bristol all her life and was a member of St. Ann Church. In addition to her husband, Mrs. Chapman is survived by two sons, Thomas G. Chapman of Watertown and Robert J. Chapman of Bristol; five daughters and two sons-in-law, Patricia J. Chapman of Bristol, Dayl M. Chapman of West Hartford, Susan E. Chapman of Bristol and her fiance, John Ruggiero of Vernon, Cathryn and Clifford Eric Thermer of Waterbury, and Janice and Douglas Uhl of Harwinton; two sisters and a brother-in-law, Lucille and Edgar Messier of Bristol, and Jane Achille of Bristol; three grandchildren, Sara and Jesse Thermer, and Eric Uhl; and several nieces and nephews.

      A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Tuesday, January 8, 10 a.m., at St. Ann Church. Burial will follow in Saint Joseph Cemetery. Relatives and friends may call at the Funk Funeral Home, 35 Bellevue Ave., Monday, 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, Pancreatic Research, P.O. Box 1004, Meriden, CT 06450-1004 or to the Connecticut State Police Academy Alumni Association Educational Foundation, Inc., 294 Colony St., Meriden, CT 06450. http://www.FunkFuneralHome.com

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