He had so much information to share…

Indeed Dennis had so much information to share with his second cousin, except he really did not know how much. He did not know how much information was hidden in what was written in his great-grandfather’s obituary.


Reading it gave me so many clues about Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Ménard’s 12 children and their spouses, his three brothers and three sisters, and who were there when the accident occurred. 

I have indeed come a long way since September 2009 when I first started writing Our AncestorsIn 2015, someone else had shared this never seen before picture of his great-grandfather. He had learned in 2013 all about his birth mother he never knew…

In turn, I had learned Dennis Lagassey was smoking the pipe.

Dennis Lagasse III

This person had several photos of Dennis like this one with Napoleon Dube who is on the right. Napoleon was there at the rolling mill when Dennis Lagassey died in 1922.

In this other never seen before picture, we are chatting with Dennis and Amanda in their living room. There is a calendar on the wall. I can’t make out the month nor the year.

As I wrote yesterday, every picture shared by readers of Our Ancestors has its own story to tell like this one with one baby and eight adults.

Child- Odna - Frank - Ida - ? - ? - Levi Napoleon - Dubé? - Hector Lamothe

And this one with five men… 

Levi - ? - Frank Ritchie - ? - Hector Lamothe

This one with 20 people…

Levi Napoleon

What about this one with four men?

? - Hector Lamothe - ? - Levi Napoleon Lagasse

And finally the young mysterious young woman in the dark dress…

Frank Ritchie - Hector Lamothe - Levi Napoleon Lagasse - ? - ? - Ida and Odna Lagasse

To be continued tomorrow with a little help from my friend Hercule Poirot…

À demain mes amis…

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