Bertha Lagasse and William Austin

Without ever knowing it, Bertha has helped a far distant relative in his 10 year-old long search for his grandaunts Lillie and Malvina Lagasse who were his paternal grandfather’s sisters.

My grandfather Léo probably never saw his sister Malvina again after he left his father Stanislas in 1907 when his mother Henriette died. Maybe Léo had already left before her death. 

That I will never know.

Lillie and her husband Eugène Dubé came back to St-Hyacinthe for just a few years, then they went back to Bristol, Connecticut. I know this for a fact because I found that family in a 1911 Canadian census page. My grandfather Léo stayed in St-Hyacinthe, and was a boarder with the Gervais family in 1911. He then he got married in September 1912 to Maria Landry. They had a child Yvette who died 11 days later. In the 1920s he disappeared without a trace after his brother-in-law Omer Landry kicked him out of town because of his bad behaviour.

This should be my final chapter on Bertha Lagasse and William Edward Austin. You should know by now that Bertha and William were married on November 16, 1921, and who most of these people on this old photo were. 


A few years back I thought it was Gertrude Lagasse and Frank Spielman’s wedding.

This next photo is Bertha and William’s official wedding picture which was shared by Teresa Pease.

Teresa sent me lots of Bertha and William’s pictures.

How I got them is why I had created this blog in 2009. I never doubted for one second that descendants would start sharing their old pictures with me. People have been sharing because they won’t find a PayPal symbol on my blog or any of my other blogs for that matter.

I don’t write for money.

I write for the excitement and pleasure of finding relatives whom I never thought I had, especially south of the border (I live in Quebec).

Bertha Lagasse proved to be a somewhat elusive young lady because I first thought she was someone else until Teresa found Our Ancestors, left a comment, and started sharing what old pictures she had of Bertha and William. 

Bertha was this unknown Mona Lisa smile young woman with Rose Elmira Lagasse at the wheel of a 1917 Ford Model T…

Careful Rose, are you sure you know how to drive…?

Two of the three other women seen here are probably Lilly and Malvina Lagasse. Malvina would be behind Rose, and Lillian would be on the front passenger seat. I still have doubt who is behind Lillie. She is most probably related to the Dubés since both Malvina and Lillie had married Dubés.

Identifying people on old pictures was a sort of a hobby back in 2007. Then I got addicted, and now I can’t get enough of searching for people’s ancestors.

Bertha Lagasse

Bertha is no more an unknown ancestor like William Austin whose one of his ancestors was Alexander Bennett who deserted his post during the Civil War.

Alexander Bennett’s story is on Our Ancestors.

To be continued because I found more people I did not know who they were…

Next time, meet the Lamothes…