Does it really matter if…

Anna Dubé was trying to drive a 1917 Ford Model T?
I think it was Anna who was in the driver’s seat of a Ford Model T in 1917.


Dennis Lagassey (1864-1922) was having lots of fun. I don’t know who was cranking up the car. I would have wished he had faced the camera…

I just love these two old pictures that were shared by my dearest distant cousin Dennis Lagasse IV.Ford Model T montage
Dennis Lagasse IV’s father Lionel had more than 100 old pictures he had kept all these years, and he had shared them with his son who in turn shared them on Our Ancestors.

I believe my grandaunt Lillie Lagasse and her sister Malvina Lagasse are in the car. Lillie could be sitting on the front passenger seat.

Move Over 1917

Looking at her face yesterday morning reminded me of someone, a beautiful young woman with her husband and two children. It was an old picture shared in 2009 by another of Dennis Lagassey’s descendant that I had filed under the name unknown couple.

Could this be Lillie Lagasse with her husband Eugène Dubé who we were seen here again in 1921 at Bertha Lagasses’s wedding?

Looks like it isn’t?