Have You Driven a Ford Model T Lately?

I think I have found who was trying to drive a Ford Model T in 1917.


I know Bertha Lagasse was the young woman sitting on the right rear fender. Thanks to Teresa Pease I was able to identify her in 2015.

Move Over Girl on the Left

Those photos were taken on the same day.

Ford Model T montage

It took me many years to figure out who was this unknown young man posing in front of a 1917 Ford Model T.

man with car

Hector Philias Lamothe

Little by little his face became familiar.

Levi - ? Dubé - Hector Lamothe and Ida Lagasse

I am not almost 100% sure it’s Hector Philias Lamothe, but I will keep an open mind if a descendant writes a comment one day.

I think I know who might have been sitting behind my grandaunt Lillie Lagasse, and next to Malvina Lagasse my other grandaunt…

Move Over 1917

I believe it’s Lillie Lagasse’s daughter Anna Dubé. Again I might be wrong. If I have guessed it right then she might be also on these two old pictures.

group picture

group picture with Lagasses and probably Dubés

To be continued…

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