1917 Ford Model T

I hope my distant relatives in the USA are still enjoying Our Ancestors. I know I am.

Writing has become a passion and a great way to share what I have been doing since 2009.

I think I know who this young man is. We can still see him on this group picture holding tight Levi Napoleon Lagasse who was Dennis Lagasse IV’s grandfather.

I wish I had a similar picture of my grandfather Léo Lagassé being held that tight by someone in the later 1910s.

I am sure we have here many Dubes or Dubés. Lagasses and Dubes were very close knit in-laws. Two Lagasse sisters married two Dube brothers. Lillian Lagassée married Eugene Dubé and Malvina Lagassée married Joseph Dubé.

I found all their descendants.

Well mostly all of them.

Finding descendants since 2009 and having them sharing pictures made this blog what it is.

Some people were not even closely related like Robin who shared more than 100 pictures with me about the Combe family and the Alexandre family. I am most grateful to Robin as I am most grateful to Dennis Lagasse IV who did the same with more than 100 pictures also.

Every picture that were shared are on this blog making our ancestors come alive even those who are still unidentified…

USA (Unidentified Smiling Ancestors)

Ţo be continued…

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