How an old car picture started all this?

Move Over

This is how I was led to Alexander Benoit dit Livernois and his siblings Angélique, Amable (Amos), Charles, François (Francis), Béloni (Belonia). It was about a search for who was this young woman on the right fender.

She was unknown to me as well as all others although I had a hunch they were related to this man below.

man with car

The license plate was a clue. Connecticut 1917. The man was also unknown, and still is, but he had to be related somehow to my distant relatives in the United States in the early 1900s.

Bertha Lagasse in front of the line

Everything started to make sense when Teresa Pease told me I had the wrong Bertha Lagasse. At first I thought she was Ida, then Odna, then Tony…

This is Bertha Lagasse again with her husband William Austin.

Bertha and William

The man beside the 1917 Ford Model T can’t be William.

man with car