Zéphirin Germain and Peter Zepherin Germain

I don’t have a photograph of Zéphirin Germain, but I have one of Peter Zepherin Germain.

I found this image, and many more of his descendants, on Ancestry last week, and the dopamine really started to kick in. If you have been reading my blog since 2009, you know all about the effect of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. We just need more and more dopamine to flow into our system to satisfy our compulsion for knowing more about Our Ancestors…

I am the living proof of the effect of dopamine since I have started searching for my ancestors back in July 2007 when my brother showed me some old pictures like this one.

The effect was immediate. I just had to find more about who were on old pictures, and in 2008 I felt the need to share what I would find on a blog, first in my mother tongue, and then in English.

Last week I had a rush of dopamine when I saw this picture, and became uncontrolable and I wanted to know more about them.

The more I found, the more I found. I just could not stop.

Why bother  writing about these young ladies and their grandfather Peter Zepherin Germain, a blacksmith who emigrated in the United States like 900,000 French Canadians did between 1840 and 1930?

I know you will be coming back next week and see what I have found.