Potential Father and Potential Mother Have Some Potential

But be careful… It’s only a tool.

Ancestry generates Potential Father and Potential Mother like the generates hints. I had been using different sources to find William Austin’s ancestors, but I had hit a brick wall with Alexander Bennett. I am almost sure I have the right parents.

Alexandre Bennett was Alexandre Benoit dit Livernois. His father was Amable Benoît dit Livernois, son of François Benoît dit Livernois and Angélique Fontaine dit Bienvenu. His mother was Élisabeth Vasseur dit Bélisle, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Vasseur dit Bélisle and Marie-Geneviève Héli.

Having written so many articles about Alexander Bennett and his family, I will now close this chapter of Our Ancestors, and wait for other comments like this one which started all this research…

Good Evening,
My name is Teresa Brooks Pease.  I am a descendant of Bertha Lagasse Austin.  My Grandmother is Elizabeth (Betty) Austin DeWick.  I dont have very much information about the Austin/Lagasse and as my grandmother just passed December of 2012. I’m not sure I will be able to provide you with any futher information other than what my grandfather may have.  
Please feel free to contact me.  I would love to learn more about my family history.

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