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Prepare to be confused because I was a bit confused when I got a potential father for Alexander Bennett.

However now I think I found who were Alexander Bennett’s parents after more than 5 years. I am almost 100% sure that I am almost 100% sure! Alexander Bennett was Alexandre Benoit dit Livernois, son of Amable Benoit dit Livernois and Élisabeth Vasseur dit Bélisle who were married in 1826. Amable would die in 1841.

Before I start to confuse you, please read this long post I wrote back in 2015.

This post was written in 2013. I finally got a comment today from a distant relative. The comment is after you read what I had posted in 2013.


Posted in 2013

Alexandre Benoit, Anna Bennett’s father, is the same man who enlisted on May 7th, 1861, in the 2nd Vermont Infantry.

Alexander Bennett report

This is the marriage certificate that links Alexander Benoit to Louise Janvier.

marriage 1857

Lewisa Janviere, aka Louisa Janvier, aka Louisa Jonvier, aka Louise January, married Alexandre Benoit, aka Alexander Bennett, on November 16, 1857, in Vergennes, Vermont. Alexander Benoit’s residence was Hinesburg. We find this same couple on July 18th, 1860, in Hinseburg, the same place Alexander Bennett enlisted on May 7th, 1861.

1860 U.S. Census

Alex and Louisa have two children. Louisa 2 years-old and Fred is 5 months-old.

1860 U.S. Census zoom

Louisa was born in Monkton, Vermont, in 1858. Her mother Louisa’s birthplace is Vergennes. Her father’s birthplace is Canada. Alexis (sic) is a farmer.

Louisa Bennett

Fred is the other child, but I strongly believe he is Alexander seen in the 1880 U.S. Census.


The family has grown since 1860.

1880 Bennett family

Little Louisa Bennett is not there anymore because she has married Antoine Tatro on September 28, 1875.

marriage Antoine Tatro and Louise Bennett

Antoine Tatro is in fact Antoine Tétreault and he was born in St-Pie-de-Bagot according to the marriage act. He is a blacksmith from Enosburg Falls.

Antoine Tatro

Fred or Alexander (1860) is living with his parents in 1880 as well as Amos (1862), Rosa (1866), Mary (1870), Anna (1874), William’s mother, and Baby Bennett.

Alexander will marry Sarah Hamill in 1912.

Alexander Bennett and Sarah Hamil

It has to be little Fred from the 1860 census. His parents’ birthplace is Fraserville, Nova Scotia, but I totally disagree since Nova Scotia was not part of Canada in 1858 when Louisa was born.

Louisa Bennett

I wonder who told that information to the clerk.

Rosa or Rosana Benoit will marry George Auger on October 24, 1887.

Rosanna Bennett and George Auger

Mary Benoit or Bennett is Mary King who married three times. Again the father’s birthplace is wrong.

Mary Bennett death 10 January 1946

Anna is Anna Benoit who married Lawrence Austin (Laurent Ostiguy dit Domingue).

Lawrence Austin and Annie Bennett marriage

I have not found any information on Baby Bennett except that it was born on February 4, 1880, in Hinesburg. This fact is important because Alexander Bennett returned to Hinseburg after the Civil War. Here again we see that the father is said to be from Canada.

Baby Bennett birth female 1880 4 February 1880

I lose track of this family in 1890, but Alexander Bennett and Louisa Janvier appear in the 1900 U.S. Census. They live in Vergennes. Alexander is a mason. Remember the death certificate where Alexander Bennett’s occupation was mason.

1900 Alexander Benoit Clara Louise

Well Alexander Bennett is a mason in 1900. He will die on October 10, 1908 from pneumonia.

Alexander Bennett death certificate 10 October 1908

In that document we see that someone told the clerk that Alexander Bennett was born in Canada and that his parents were also from Canada. Who were they? There is only one clue found here. His mother’s name… Sov!

Sov… Sovie… Sovey… Sauve… Sauvé? Could his parents be Pierre Benoit and Catherine Sauvé? I know you will come back for the epilog before we start following Alexander Bennett in 9 battles in the Civil War.


Now this is the comment I just got…

What a great biography. Alexandre was the great-great grandfather of my son-in-law. I can give you a little information about his son Amos George Bennett. He moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, and married Mary Monahan on 12 Jan. 1887. According to the Worcester City Directory of that year, he was working as a finisher at 19 Union Street and boarding at 15 Thomas Street. Alexander Bennett (his brother, I presume), a varnisher, was living and working with him. Amos stayed in Worcester and died in 1942. I have not been able to find anything more on Alexander.


That three year-old comment got me going again with Ancestry’s new feature…


4 thoughts on “Post 1351 – More on Alexander Bennett

  1. I have some information about this family that I want to send you but I can’t seem to find your email address.

  2. I have some additional information on the family of Amable Benoit dit Livernois and Elisabeth Vasseur dite Bellisle. In addition to Joseph Treffle and Alexander, they had five more children. After Amable’s death, Elisabeth with all of the children except Treffle moved to Hinesburg, Vermont. She married Joseph Gotier, but I don’t know if the marriage took place in Canada or in Vermont. Elisabeth died April 22, 1892 and is buried in Rhode Island Cemetery in Hinesburg. Joseph died in Jericho, Vermont, on January 24, 1895, and is buried with Elizabeth.

    Other children of Amable and Elizabeth– Julie/Julia, was born in St. Charles sur Richelieu 7 March 1831. She married in Canada before 1850 Carlos Baisner, son of Peter and Margaret (Maynard) Baisner. Carlos had several land transactions with Julia’s brothers Belonia and Francis and with her mother. Julia died 29 October 1906 in Hinesburg.

    Charles was born in St. Charles 1 June 1832. Charles enlisted in the army on 9 June 1862. He was captured on 2 February 1864 and sent to Andersonville Prison in Georgia where he died in December 1864. His name is on the same stone as his mother and step-father in Rhode Island Cemetery in Hinesburg.

    Amable/Amos was born in St. Charles on 15 April 1834. Before 1859 he married Emily Shepard, daughter of William and Lucy (Little) Shepard. The couple eventually divorced. Amos moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, around 1890. About the turn of the century he moved to Marlboro, New Hampshire, where he died 28 October 1906.

    Belonia (Belona, Balonia, etc.–many different spellings) was born in St. Charles 31 July 1838. About 1868 he married Rebecca Phillips, daughter of Solomon and Susan (Sherman) Phillips. In 1870 he and his wife and child were living with his mother and step-father. By 1880 the family had moved to Huntington, Vermont, where he lived the rest of his life. He died there 28 September 1916. He is the only child of Amable and Elizabeth for whom I could not find a baptismal record in the St. Charles-sur-Richelieu parish records. His Vermont death record lists his parents as Amos and Elizabeth (Belisle) Benoit.

    Francois/Francis was born in St. Charles 2 October 1840. About 1866 he married Celinda Ash. The couple later broke up. He lived in Hinesburg and later in Jericho, where he lived with his daughters Irma, who owned a dairy farm, and Ida. Francis died 1 October 1923 in Jericho and is buried in Rhode Island Cemetery in Hinesburg. His name is on the same stone as his mother, step-father, and brother Charles.

    All of these children, with the exception of Charles, had children.

    Linda Mathew

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