History in the making?

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Some fake news on Wikipedia!

Someone had posted this photo about Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau…

Collection Archambault Family (courtesy Frank Archambault)

Luckily someone wrote me about it.

Hi, love your history blog, but somehow there is a huge historical error with your photo on Wikipedia. Your photo of Jean Baptiste Archambeault Shambo is the identifying photo for Jean Baptiste Charbonneau the son of Indian guide Sacajawea of Lewis and Clark fame. It seems to have been submitted by you as its linked to your blog. Hope you can help in removing this huge error. It is causing a huge uproar in the media and with historians as there has never been a photo known to have been taken of Charbonneau. Hope you can help.

Thank you.

I tried to delete the photo, but I could not, so I added a note instead.

On another note…

Olivier Charbonneau is the ancestor of all the Charbonneaus. This is a drawing depicting him only since photography was not invented in the 1600s.

Page from a booklet done for Labatt Brewery in the 1960s

Likewise for the ancestor of Jean-Baptiste Archambault…

Page from a booklet done for Labatt Brewery in the 1960s

11 thoughts on “History in the making?

      • Can you tell me who are « Jean Baptiste Archambeault Shambo » and « Jean-Baptiste Archambault » (bault, not beault, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Archambault )? Completely different people? Another thing, can you indicate sources for pictures when you post them on your blog? Here above I see some images of Olivier Charbonneau and Jacques Archambault, presumably scanned from a book.. But without knowing where it comes from, the copyright status can’t be determined.

      • These drawings come from a little booklet published by Labatt Brewery in the 1960s. They had 100 such drawings of ancestors from Quebec families. There was no copyright in the booklet. As for Wikipedia and Jean Archambault I will check it out. As for Jean-Baptiste Archambault (Shambo) I wrote a dozen posts about his ancestors and descendants. Just search the blog. Anymore question I will be glad to answer. One question… what’s your interest about the Archambaults. Just curious.

      • I just went and visited this Website…


        I don’t feel like asking him how and why he thinks this is the son of Toussaint Charbonneau. I don’t feel argumenting with him on the Internet. I want to thank you for your comments. Feel free to ask for any clarification. As you might understand I can’t rewrite all that I wrote on the real Jean-Baptiste Archambault who was an ordinary man I had the pleasure of horouring on Our Ancestors.

  1. Thank you, so the two are not the same person, that’s clear now. The spelling is not clear though. https://steanne.wordpress.com/category/the-archambault-family/ is Archambault, https://steanne.wordpress.com/tag/the-archambeault-family/ is Archambeault. The caption in https://steanne.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/good-news/ says Archambeault, the caption for the same photo on https://steanne.wordpress.com/2016/01/22/just-use-the-search-button/ says Archambault! Very confusing! What is the correct spelling for Jean-Baptiste Archamb… John Shambo?
    I’m from Wiki, see https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File_talk:Jean_Baptiste_Charbonneau.jpg . I have no specific interest about the Archambaults. Can you tell me more about the drawings? Where did the booklet/publisher obtain them? Do you have a title for the booklet? Is there any known artist? Were they made while those people were still alive? You see, if the drawings were somehow made for the book (so made in the 1960s) their copyright hasn’t expired yet and they can’t be used on Wikipedia.

    • I haven’t posted these drawings on Wikipedia. I have used them on my blogs like this one.


      The booklet was given to me by a veteran in 2010. The artist is Ernest Senécal (1894-1979) who is not well known. His niece once contacted me to meet her uncle who was Ernest’s brother, but it never happened. These booklets Les Anciennes Familles du Québec were made for Labatt Brewery as a form of publicity. The drawings represent how these ancestors would look in relation to their trade not their real facial features.

  2. Shambo was derived from the name Archambault. French-Canadian people who emigrated to the US in the 1800s and early 1900s would modify their names in a way to integrate to their new country. Leblancs would take the White surname, Davignons would use Devino, etc… There are numerous name changes made which complicates finding ancestors. Some Archambaults would drop the AR… and keep CHAMBAULT which sounded SHAMBO. Often people could not read and write and clerks would just write what they heard.

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