History in the making?

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Some fake news on Wikipedia!

Someone had posted this photo about Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau…

Collection Archambault Family (courtesy Frank Archambault)

Luckily someone wrote me about it.

Hi, love your history blog, but somehow there is a huge historical error with your photo on Wikipedia. Your photo of Jean Baptiste Archambeault Shambo is the identifying photo for Jean Baptiste Charbonneau the son of Indian guide Sacajawea of Lewis and Clark fame. It seems to have been submitted by you as its linked to your blog. Hope you can help in removing this huge error. It is causing a huge uproar in the media and with historians as there has never been a photo known to have been taken of Charbonneau. Hope you can help.

Thank you.

I tried to delete the photo, but I could not, so I added a note instead.

On another note…

Olivier Charbonneau is the ancestor of all the Charbonneaus. This is a drawing depicting him only since photography was not invented in the 1600s.

Page from a booklet done for Labatt Brewery in the 1960s

Likewise for the ancestor of Jean-Baptiste Archambault…

Page from a booklet done for Labatt Brewery in the 1960s

The more I write, the more…

The more I write, the more I think I write too much on Our Ancestors. Sometimes writing so much about dead people might be confusing, if not scary, to a reader who stumbles upon this blog, and tries to figure out why I wrote so much.


The more people write comments, the more I write. That’s the reason this blog will never end because I find more and more information on your ancestors and mine each time I check my family tree after a reader’s request.

Case in point?

I don’t remember precisely the request that was made, but I had found that this headstone seemed confusing.

Romulus Robillard was just a name on a headstone a few years ago with his wife’s name Dora M Lagace. She was in fact Dora M Farmer, daughter of Herman Farmer and my great-grand-aunt Marie-Anne Lagace.

Why she had changed her name to Lagace? I think it was to honor her mother’s maiden name. I now believe her father was probably a heavy drinker and an abusive person who drank a lot eventually leading him to his death in 1910.

Maybe I am wrong, but her mother Marie-Anne had taken her maiden name in U.S. censuses after 1910 like her daughter Dora and her son Herman Lester Farmer.

1940 U.S. census

There are always something to look for when you start a search for ancestors or their relatives like… 

What about Romulus Robillard’s family?

Romulus was born on December 28th, 1893, in St-Félix-de-Valois, Quebec, Canada. His father was Alexis Robillard and his mother was Valérie Rousseau. You will find Valérie Rousseau on Find A Grave under another name. 

I guess I was lucky to find her there when I was searching for all the Robillards in that cemetery. I also found out that Romulus’ brother Octave was in a prison in Boston according to the 1930 U.S. census. He was also in the same prison in 1940. I don’t know why he was sentenced or how long he stayed in prison.

I will probably never find that out.