Just One Clue Is Often Enough

I have many drafts posts, in fact 111!

I never got around to post this one. It was about the Shambo family who were in fact Archambeaults. On a document sent by Frank Archambault who is a descendant, it was written that Emilia, Mathilda and Rosella Mercier were married on the same day…

It was on September 22nd, 1853, more than 165 years ago. When Frank sent me this e-mail a few years back I just had to help him.

Attached is an 1853 record of my great-grandfather’s marriage to Emilie Mercier. It is in cursive French and I would like to know what it says. There are three entries; would you translate the entry for Jean-Baptiste into English. As a side note, would you speculate as to why two of Emilie Mercier’s sisters (shown on same page) were also married on the SAME day as Emilie.

Here is the attachment…

This is the English translation.

The 22nd of September 1853 we priest undersigned have received the mutual marriage consent between Jean-Baptiste Archambault, son of Joseph Archambeault and Marie-Anne Hugueron, from Grande Ile, on the one part; and Emilie Mercier daughter of Augustin Mercier and Marie-Anne Janvier, also from Grande Ile, on the other part, having found no objections we gave them the nuptial blessing in the presence of Fidèle Blain and Jean Labrie.

J. Quevillon priest

Now there was a whole lot more in that document. The names of Emilia’s parents: Augustin Mercier and Marie-Anne Janvier. With this clue I was able to trace Emilie Mercier’s ancestors and a whole lot more. Now what about the other two marriages? Rosalie and Domithilde were already married… well sort of. Since there were no priests around to celebrate their marriage, they made it all legal on September 22nd at their sister’s wedding.

I wonder if Frank is still reading my blog…