Marie-Anne Lagace 1862 – ?

If I know where and when Herman Farmer died, and how he died, I don’t have a clue about where, when and how my great-grand-aunt died. Herman died because of this…


Cyrrhosis of the liver according to Doctor Lortie. I don’t know if Herman Farmer was a heavy drinker. I hope not because my great-grand-aunt Marie-Anne must have gone through living hell. Talking about someone’s drinking problem is not easy even if this happened more than 100 years ago. I know my father and his father had a drinking problem so this is a touchy subject to write about.

This being said…

headstone Romulus Robillard

Romulus Robillard married Herman Farmer and Marie-Anne Lagace’s daughter Dora. I found them on Find A Grave and in the 1940 U.S. Census.





Marie-Anne is Annie Lagace. She is 77 years-old and a widow. Marie-Anne was born on December 15, 1862, in Notre-Dame-des-Anges, Missiquoi County, Quebec. I have her baptisimal certificate. There is also a Lester listed also in the family. I don’t know who he is. This is the first time I come across a Lester Lagace who is said to be a brother-in-law. Was he instead Herman Lester Farmer, Dora’s brother? Looks like it. I wonder what happened to him?

I wonder why Dora took her mother’s name instead of her father’s?

headstone Romulus Robillard

And why Marie did the same after Herman died?

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