Herman Farmer 1859 – 1910

Herman Farmer was married to Marie-Anne Lagasse who was the youngest daughter of Stanislas Lagacé and Onésime Cadieux. I could not have written that in 2007 the day my brother visited me with old pictures. I was mesmerised by what I was seeing for the first time, a photograph of Honoré Sauvé and Julie Leroux, my maternal great-great-grandparents.

That was an epiphany that led me to search for my paternal great-great-grandparents. The problem was that I knew absolutely nothing about my paternal grandfather’s parents…

Little by little I have travelled through time on the Internet and finally found Stanislas Lagacé in the 1880 U.S. census living with his daughter Marie-Anne. The names were wrong but I knew I had found my great-great-grandfather.

Later I found his death certificate showing where he once lived before he died: 22 Conlon Street…

I still don’t have a photo of Stanislas Lagacé to feature on Our Ancestors, but I features many of his son’s, my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse seen here with two of his grandchildren Harvey and Rose.

Courtesy Dennis Lagasse IV

Stanislas Lagassée was born on February 16, 1816 according to his death certicate. I found his baptisimal certificate which validates the date. One day I might see a picture of him through a descendant of Herman Farmer and Marie-Anne Lagace since Marie-Anne was still living in 1940 in the home of his son-in-law Romulus Robillard who had married to Dora Farmer.

Writing about Herman Farmer and Marie-Anne Lagace’s descendants  is the only chance I have to one day having someone contacting me like Dennis Lagasse IV did in 2011.

So who was Romulus Robillard?

Courtesy Gail Denomme

Stay tuned…