Ancestry’s Potential Father and Potential Mother

That’s a new feature on Ancestry you probably already know about: potential father and potential mother.

Great feature if used with caution. There are so many members and so many family trees on Ancestry it’s easy to get all excited with this new featute.

I have learned not to get to excited with Ancestry hints although they can open doors.

This is not an important branch of my extended family, but I wanted to look for lost relatives. Who is Julia and who is Charles Farmer?

Charles is related to the Lagasses. His brother Herman married Marie-Anne Lagasse.

Marie-Anne was Dennis Lagasse’s youngest sister.

Herman Farmer and Marie-Anne Lagasse had these children…

I found some information on these lost cousins, but I decided to look for Julia’s ancestors. Julia was most probably Julia Devoid (Daviau). At least that’s what the potential father says. The potential mother was Suzanne Hebert (Hébert).

As a bonus there was even two pictures attached to the potential mother…

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