The proof is the pudding

I always thought that the expression “The proof of the pudding” was “The proof is in the pudding”. I always thought also that André Mignier’s dit name was la gâchette. That was what was found everywhere until Gilles Tremblay, a researcher, started to questioned this. In fact no documents that I could find had la gâchette as a dit name. Everything I found was either l’agacé or l’agassé.

Peter Lagasse just sent me this to translate…

It’s Marie Mignier’s baptism. Hard to read but it cleary shows the dit name la Gacée.

Le quatorzième jour du mois d’octobre de l’an mil six cent soixante et onze par moi Henry de Bernières prêtre curé de cette paroisse a été baptisée Marie fille d’André Mignier dit la Gacée et de Jacquette Michel sa femme, née du jour d’hyer (hier) le parrain a été Siméon Le Roy dit Ody (Audy) la marraine Marie Renaud femme de Charles Petit.

On the fourteenth day of October of the year one thousand six hundred and seventy-one by me Henry de Bernières priest of this parish was baptized Marie daughter of André Mignier dit la Gacée and Jacquette Michel his wife, born on the day of yesterday the godfather was Siméon Le Roy dit Ody (Audy) the godmother Marie Renaud wife of Charles Petit.

Now if someone could prove me wrong and show me an image of André and Jacquette’s marriage contract written by notaire Romain Becquet… For more on André Mignier dit l’agacé this is the link to Gilles Tremblay’s research…

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