To be continued?

I often end a search like this…

To be continued?

Sometimes I won’t follow up on a search. It all depends on how people will react to a blogger who has been writing about our ancestors, yours and mine, since 2009.

It can be scary sometimes especially when I post images like these…

That’s my sense of humor (humour if you live in Canada like I do…) that I inherited from this man… my paternal grandfather who never spoke to me even once if I can recall correctly.

My quest for my ancestors which started in July 2007 led me to find distant cousins in the United States finding my blog, and who were generous by sharing pictures of my distant relatives…

More than a few thousands pictures!

There are all in here on this blog with a few images taken from parish records like these two about Jean-Baptiste Meunier dit Lagafsé and Vitaline L’heureux…

To be continued?


2 thoughts on “To be continued?

    • Some gems I have not continued for lack of interest by people who had asked for my help. Maybe one day…

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