Breaking News – 23andMe

Breaking News 23andMe


This is the biggest match yet…
5.57% of shared DNA…
No fake news!

This new 2nd cousin is probably related to my aunt Fleurette who shared so much with me.

Fleurette 1956

Merci Alyce.

6 thoughts on “Breaking News – 23andMe

  1. So what is the centimorgans number you share? That determines how you are related.
    For example my half brother has been looking for his biological father and family. A person we considered to be a strong possibility to be his half brother agreed to take the DNA test. We would need the number of centimorgans that they share to be at least 1,730 to prove they were half brothers. The number of centimorgans shared was over 2,000. There is no doubt this man along with his two other brothers and two sisters are my brother’s half siblings.

    • 23andMe uses it…
      The genetic genealogy testing companies 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage DNA use centiMorgans to denote the size of matching DNA segments in autosomal DNA tests. Segments which share a large number of centiMorgans in common are more likely to be of significance and to indicate a common ancestor within a genealogical timeframe.

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