Partie de sucre 1910 chez Arthur Dubé à St-Eusèbe?

Not sure if this picture was taken in 1910 unless the caption is wrong.

The person who wrote this was a descendant of Arthur Dubé who is kneeling in front. According to the caption Oscar Beaulieu is in front with Alma Dubé’s cousin on his laps.

Arthur Dubé is again seen on a cabinet card.

Arthur Dubé married Hélène Labrie in 1886. Hélène is seen here on a tintype photo with her son Timothée born in 1889.

The person who wrote Grand maman Hélène avec Timothée is probably a granddaugher.

Arthur is seen here again with his wife Hélène and his sister Julianna.

Hélène Arthur et Julie Anna

Same handwritting…

If this is  a photo taken in 1910 then something is very strange.


The third woman sitting on the left side would be the wife of Cyris Dubé. Odélie Morneau was born in 1894. She married Cyrice Dubé in 1913.

She can’t be 16!

1910 photo unknown woman

So how useful can the caption be?

Émile Dubé is there with his wife Blanche Jolicoeur.

1910 photo Émile Dubé and Blanche Jolicoeur

Émile Dubé et Blanche Jolicoeur dit Girard

Timothée Dubé is also there with his wife Eugénie Giroux.

1910 photo Timothée Dubé and Eugénie Giroux

They got married in 1914. Eugénie was born in 1894 and died in 1946. She looks older than 16. So my guess is that this picture is taken before 1928.

Why before 1928?

Bernard-Élisée Dubé, Arthur’s brother, was born in 1847 and died in 1928.

1910 photo Bernard-Élisée Dubé

What about this woman then?

Could she be Bernard-Élisée’s wife Séraphine Dubé who was born in 1846 and who died in 1923?

1910 photo unknown woman

The question still remains.

So how useful can the caption be?