Partie de sucre 1910 chez Arthur Dubé à St-Eusèbe

I just love this old picture!

And I am just dying to write about it using the caption.

Arthur Dubé is there kneeling in front. Oscar Beaulieu is with Alma Dubé’s cousin on his laps.

I am not related to Arthur Dubé seen here posing for posterity on a cabinet card.

Arthur Dubé married Hélène Labrie seen here on a tintype photo with her son Timothée.

Grand maman Hélène avec Timothée. Both are on the 1910 photo as well as Pit(re) Dubé and Gros Joe Morneau…

And Blanche Jolicoeur and Émile Dubé…

These are your ancestors if you happen to stumble on Our Ancestors.

To be continued…