Napoléon Dubé’s daughter or granddaughter?

Annick asked me if I could find out who’s the little girl.

If finding out who were these people was kind of easy…
Pamela Dubé

This one is not that easy.

Napoléon Dubé

I am almost sure the girl is Catherine, Napoléon Dubé’s daughter, but she could be also any one of his granddaughters.

She could be one of the daughters of Aurelia, Laura, or Lillian who were Napoléon’s daughters from his first marriage? Or she could be the daughter of his son Arthur? Or she could be one of Catherine Dubé’s daughters, Dorothy or Lillian Silvernail…

I guess we will never find out unless someone shares more family pictures to compare them with this one.

While we are waiting, we can look at this 1910 picture and figure out who were all these people.

temps des sucres 1910

And later write about these new photos…