Who is the little girl?

I am now certain the caption written with a ball-point pen under this photo is wrong.

Pamela Dubé is there with her husband Napoléon Dubé and a young girl….
Pamela is also seen on these two pictures.

The first caption is right. But both captions on the photos taken in Bristol are wrong. Julie Anna Dubé, Pamela’s sister, and Évariste Dubé never lived there!
Which brings us to this question…
Who is the little girl who looks to be two years-old at the most?

She’s not Délima because Napoléon and Pamela never had a girl named Délima.

My guess is that she is Antoinette Dubé born in 1903 and who died on January 31st 1911.
closer look
I am sure you remember how this story started back in 2012…

Pamela Dubé 1863-1946

And how it’s ending…
Pamela Dubé

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