Intermission – Pamela Dubé

Sharing is important when searching for our ancestors. Annick has shared so much information and now she is sharing all these old photos this morning for our readers.

Seventeen, all properly identified…

Well almost all…

Philomène Louis Pelletier

Not sure about the above photo.

This one I am sure is Pamela Dubé…

Pamela Dubé

In 2012 she was only a plaque in St. Thomas cemetery.

Pamela Dubé 1863-1946

This old photo got me searching for more…

famille Edgar Pinette

Edgar was married three times:

1885 Philomène Dubé

1899 Pacifique Hébert

1905 Odila Godreau (Gaudreau)

This is his first marriage with Philomène Dubé, Pamela’s sister.

Pamela Edgar Pinette

And these are their children.

montage Pinette family




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