Easter Sunday – Pamela Dubé

Pamela Dubé 1863-1946

1863 + 1946

Pamela Dubé was someone’s mother most people don’t remember except for a plaque laying on the ground in a cemetery…

I can’t always remember if it was at St. Joseph cemetery or at St. Thomas cemetery even if I went there three times with 3rd cousin Joe. I was looking for my great-grandparents’ grave which I have never found, but think they rest in peace with their son Dennis (Stanislas) Lagassey (Lagacé) and his wife Amanda Menard (Ménard).

cemeteryStanislas Lagasse

Meeting Joe when I embarked on this journey led me to Pamela Dubé in October 2012…

Cousin Joe surely remembers this headstone where Aurelia Dubé Moquin rests in peace.

Aurelia Mquin 1889-1920


I wrote a few posts on Aurelia and her descendants. Pamela Dubé was her step-mother who most people don’t remember except for someone who wrote a comment last February.


You shouldn’t be…

Aurelia Dubé