Intermission – Saturday March 26, 1949

Revisiting the past with Lionel and a newspaper clipping dated March 26, 1949…


Courtesy Lionel Lagasse via Dennis Lagasse IV

Everything is important when your looking for your ancestors.

An image of a headstone leading to my great-granduncle Joseph and his wife Edwina…

A visit to St. Thomas Cemetery where I met Aurelia Dubé…

A Google search where I found a link with distant relatives…


A group picture that helped me to find what had happened to someone’s father who went AWOL in 1917…

Pictures sent two years ago by Michael who was looking for his birthmother and wrote Alyce for help in 2011…

A picture of an ashtray to Levy Lagasse from cousin Aldei Lord from St. Hyacinthe who remembered…

Next time?

Life is full of surprises…

23andMe DNA Comparison



Breaking news!

negatives (2)

100 year-old negatives!

All from Lionel’s collection.

A few positives…


Alice B. Myers on the left?


Mostly unknow people with Amanda Menard on the far right with Dennis Lagassey III with his cigar?

air show

Bristol, Connecticut?

Hint here?


Plainville’s Robertson Airport

Robertson Airport in Plainville services small-engine commercial and private aircraft. Founded in 1911, it is Connecticut’s oldest airfield. Originally consisting of little more than a meadow used by novice pilots in the early 20th century, the land was purchased by Stamford Robertson in 1941 for $5,000. Over the next 30 years, Robertson increased the acreage of the airfield, refined landing strips, and built permanent hangar space for aircraft.