My British Ancestors

Senior’s moments I guess.

My British genes come from Julie Leroux who is one of my eight maternal great-great-grandmothers.

Honoré Sauvé etJulie Leroux

Meet Julie Leroux once again with her husband Honoré Sauvé.

Honoré Sauvé et Julie Leroux

23andMe would have easily found her British as well as her German DNA markers if they had been in business in the late 1890s. Here’s her British lineage passing through Deerfield in the 1700s.

One of her ancestors is Sarah Allen who was captured there.

23andMe Julie Leroux British DNA

Her German DNA comes from Anne Marie Von Seck.

23andMe Julie Leroux German DNA

You can read her story in French on the the French version of Our Ancestors.

Maybe one day I will translate it for you.

This is post ??? and I haven’t started to write about this story yet.

Pamela Dubé 1863-1946

5 thoughts on “My British Ancestors

  1. Pierre,
    Since she is an 8th great grandmother to you, it is not surprising no German showed up on your DNA. There are so many possibilities of what you received from her. If you have a brother or sister, their test could show German. It all depends what your father and mother gave you. My test could show 40% French while my brother’s test could show 10% French. That is why getting as many family members to take the test will give a better reality of the family’s heritage.

    • She is one of my 8 great-great-grandmothers, not my 8 great-grandmother.
      I know it could be confusing. I will check my post. Maybe I made an error.
      1 mother
      2 grandmothers
      4 great-grandmothers
      8 great great-grandmothers.

  2. Hi there, I think I remember my 3rd great-grandmother, Julliane Leroux, who died in Bristol, CT, fell into that false group of Leroux cousins you came across! Best, Carol Valentine

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