23andMe and Jacqueline


You are comparing with



We predict Jacqueline is your 3rd Cousin .

You share 1.46% of your DNA with Jacqueline. View your shared DNA

You and Jacqueline may share a set of great-great-grandparents. You could also be from different generations (removed cousins) or share only one ancestor (half cousins).

Jacqueline is on top of the list of relatives sharing some DNA markers. I figure that someone who took the test has to be also interested in his or her ancestors. So I wrote Jacqueline…

Hi Jacqueline, I have been working on my ancestors since 2007. I got a gift from someone who paid for this test. You are on top of the list when comparing DNA. You might want to contact me. I have a database with more than 43,000 entries.


And added this little detail…

I am related to her. Rita Bertha Lamothe 1927–2006; birth 19 March 1927 • Connecticut; Death 16 March 2006 • Oceanside, San Diego, California, USA Daughter of Ida Lagasse 1895–1967; birth 19 April 1895 • Connecticut; death 30 May 1967 • Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut, United States; married to Hector Lamothe.

I have pictures of these people.

 Levi -  ? Dubé - Hector Lamothe and Ida Lagasse

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