I know I should stop writing about 23andMe, but the feature I like the most is the DNA Comparison. You can compare your DNA with someone else.

23andMe DNA Comparison

I have sent three messages. One to a lady third cousin and two to second cousins who are father and son. Both are descendants of Lillie who I have been tracking down since 2008.

Who's Who Lillie and Eugene

My third cousin is related to Ida Lagasse whose daughter is hanging on her black skirt. What is fascinating about that picture is that descendants of some of those people have contacted since 2009 and have shared dozens upon dozens of old photos like this one.

This couple is the same bride and groom.

Bertha and William

Next time, I should have a breaking news to announce on this blog.

It’s about old photo negatives that have been stored away for some 50 years.




23andMe and Jacqueline


You are comparing with



We predict Jacqueline is your 3rd Cousin .

You share 1.46% of your DNA with Jacqueline. View your shared DNA

You and Jacqueline may share a set of great-great-grandparents. You could also be from different generations (removed cousins) or share only one ancestor (half cousins).

Jacqueline is on top of the list of relatives sharing some DNA markers. I figure that someone who took the test has to be also interested in his or her ancestors. So I wrote Jacqueline…

Hi Jacqueline, I have been working on my ancestors since 2007. I got a gift from someone who paid for this test. You are on top of the list when comparing DNA. You might want to contact me. I have a database with more than 43,000 entries.


And added this little detail…

I am related to her. Rita Bertha Lamothe 1927–2006; birth 19 March 1927 • Connecticut; Death 16 March 2006 • Oceanside, San Diego, California, USA Daughter of Ida Lagasse 1895–1967; birth 19 April 1895 • Connecticut; death 30 May 1967 • Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut, United States; married to Hector Lamothe.

I have pictures of these people.

 Levi -  ? Dubé - Hector Lamothe and Ida Lagasse

My British Ancestors

Senior’s moments I guess.

My British genes come from Julie Leroux who is one of my eight maternal great-great-grandmothers.

Honoré Sauvé etJulie Leroux

Meet Julie Leroux once again with her husband Honoré Sauvé.

Honoré Sauvé et Julie Leroux

23andMe would have easily found her British as well as her German DNA markers if they had been in business in the late 1890s. Here’s her British lineage passing through Deerfield in the 1700s.

One of her ancestors is Sarah Allen who was captured there.

23andMe Julie Leroux British DNA

Her German DNA comes from Anne Marie Von Seck.

23andMe Julie Leroux German DNA

You can read her story in French on the the French version of Our Ancestors.


Maybe one day I will translate it for you.

This is post ??? and I haven’t started to write about this story yet.

Pamela Dubé 1863-1946