Summer 1939

It looks like a double marriage isn’t?

original couple

Collection Lionel Lagasse

We know who these people are. Levi Napoleon Lagasse on the left with his new wife Marie-Louise Dubé, and Diana Dubé with her new husband John Joseph Daly.

Marie-Louise and Diane Dubé were Olive’s sister who never married.


Collection Lionel Lagasse

Dating photos is important when we are revisiting the past.

Levi Napoleon Lagasse and Marie-Louise Dubé were married on August 4th 1930 in Bristol, Connecticut. So I figure Diana Dubé and John Joseph Daly got married on the same day. Which brings me to dating this photo with John Joseph Daly, Levi Napoleon Lagasse and Diana Dubé and John Joseph Daly’s children, John, Dorothy, and Joan Daly.


Collection Lionel Lagasse

John Daly Junior looks to be about 8 years-old, Dorothy about 7 and Joan about 5. I believe this photo would have been taken during the summer of 1939.

If you wonder why this is all important, the reason is very simple. Lionel Lagasse told his son Dennis that many photos are in the possession of the Daly family’s descendants. So if by chance you are reading this, you can add a comment or use the contact form below to leave a message.

Maybe we can revisit the past together.

2 thoughts on “Summer 1939

  1. Salome Mignier Legace and Stanislas Miville dit Deschenes, are Diane Dube (Daly), great grandparents. I can’t attach their picture.

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