Car Story

Sometimes my research will take an unexpected turn on the road to your ancestors.
I am no car expert, but I know where to turn to for advice. This car is either a 1935 or 1936 Ford Sedan V-8.

Hi Pierre
Your car is probably a 1935 Ford. Some 1936 models were a copy of the 35. I base myself on the style of the ventilation slots on the side of the hood and on the little grille that we see. Another element: the bottom of the front wing. It was an extremely popular car, especially because of its V-8 engine.


Lionel had identified who was who and also had told his son Dennis where the photo was taken.

The farm Levi rented became the Bristol Central High School at 480 Wolcott St Bristol, CT 06010. My dad says they lived there until he was 5 or 6 years old, so that would be 1937 at the latest?

That picture was taken either in 1937 or a little earlier.
I had search for more information about the three children to find how old they were. Then something happened on Google when I typed in…

Dorothy Daly Diana Dube!/Obituary
But there was more unexpected turns on the road leading to your ancestors…
On Facebook!

To be continued…

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