Unidentified family… Since 2009

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Unidentified family… Since 2009
This is how I have named this old picture someone had shared in 2009 then stopped sharing for unknown reasons.mystery family

Unidentified family

I still have several unidentified people in my collection of old pictures that were shared since 2011 by my 2nd cousin once removed Dennis Lagasse IV.

This next photo isn’t, and it was a part of a large puzzle back in 2011 when Dennis’ father started recollecting about what he remembered about his grandparents’ family. Dennis Lagassey family
Puzzling as it may seem, this blog is all about looking for ancestors.
The story of Dennis Lagassey III’s family is all in Our Ancestors created in 2009. Sometimes I will scare people away with my passion for genealogy. Luckily I haven’t scare Dennis Lagasse IV who shares these new old pictures again this Sunday morning.

Dennis Lagasse and Amanda Ménard

Dennis Lagassey III and his wife Amanda Ménard

Dennis Lagasse III

Dennis Lagassey III (1864 – 1922)

original couple

Levi Napoleon Lagasse, Marie-Louise Dubé and her sister Diana Dubé with her husband John Daly.

Levi and Marie-Louise

Marie-Louise Dubé and Levi Napoleon Lagasse

Lionel Lagasse on the left

Lionel Lagasse is the last one on the left.

Lionel Lagasse on the right

Lionel Lagasse is on the right.

Amanda Ménard

Amanda Ménard (1867 -1955)

Someone else shared this picture or was it Dennis?

Dennis Lagassey family

Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard’s family circa 1914

I can identify all these people and link them to their descendants like Marie Rose Elmira who is beside her father. She married Clair Perrin Roys and she had these children:
Marie Roys 1923–
Clair Perrin Roys 1924–1998
Harold Arthur Roys Senior 1926–1983
Richard Roys 1929–

In the back row on the left is Harvey Lagasse. Harvey is the little boy with his Grandpa in 1895.
Marie Rose Elmira, 6 years-old, is the little girl. I could go on and on writing about Dennis and Amanda’s children and their grandchildren. In fact this is what I have been doing since 2011.

This is post 1272.


Germaine Lagasse, autumn of 1914, daughter of Victor Lagasse and Alyce Myers

East Bristol 1915

East Bristol, autumn 1915